Department Contact Box Number
American Indian Studies Marcia Feinstein-Tobey, Administrator,, x39082 354305
School of Art + Art History + Design Risa Morgan Lewellyn, Administrator,, x52552  353440
Asian Languages & Literature Youngie Yoon, Administrator,, x67428 353521
Classics Doug Machle, Assistant to the Chair,, x32266  353110
Comparative History of Ideas Suzanne St Peter, Administrator,, x37991 354300
Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media Marcia Feinstein-Tobey, Administrator,, x37542 354338
Dance Susan Brower, Administrator,, x30550 351150 
Drama Kathy Burch, Administrator,, x31746  353950 
DXARTS Billie Grace, Administrative Specialist,, x50973 353414 
English Carolyn Busch, Administrator,, x32690 354330 
French & Italian Studies David Miles, Administrator,, x65302  354361 
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Young Kim, Administrator,, x37579 354345
Germanics Stephanie Welch, Administrator,, x36046  353130 
Linguistics Michael Furr, Administrator,, x57467  352425 
Language Learning Center Sherri Huber, Fiscal Specialist,, x30536   353140 
Music Doug Mathews, Administrator,, x32137  353450 
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Sumi Hayashi, Administrator,, x30475   353120 
Scandinavian Studies Tina Swenson, Administrator,, x30645  353420 
Simpson Center Malia Trick, Administrator,, x15714  353710 
Slavic Shosh Westen, Administrator,, x36848  354335
Spanish and Portuguese Studies Leigh Beckley, Administrator,, x65302  354360