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The fields below supply CAS Shared Services with the basic information necessary to initiate action in Workday.  A CASSS team member will contact you with follow-up questions as necessary.

Please note: The CASSS manager and/or CAS Business Office Director reserve the right to deny a request to expedite a transaction based on circumstances and/or request volume and complexity.
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For use when a second unit administrative staff member requires a record of the request submission.
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Please note: One-time payments are made in conjunction with standard pay periods (1st through 15th of the month or 16th through month's end.)
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Time/Leave Adjustment
Please note: In most cases, changes in time and absence entries should be made by the employees themselves. CASSS team members can change time and absence entries in their capacity as Time and Absence Initiate. This should be limited to emergency situation only and must be justified below.
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Employee Information
Foreign national employees must have a visa that permits them to work in the United States. In virtually all cases, that visa must be sponsored by UW. If you have not already done so, please submit either a J-1 or an H-1B request before completing and submitting the new hire intake form.
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For new faculty appointments, please refer to the document matrix for required attachments.

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