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Allowed file types: pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx xls xlsx.

Submission of this form serves as confirmation that pertinent approvals are on file in department.

Please Note: This form may be used for payments to individuals or companies. For reimbursements, please use the reimbursement form.

Procedure Overview

  1. Intake form is completed by unit administrative staff.  Submitter receives confirmation email, including FMRT ("RT") ticket number.  All further correspondence regarding the request occurs through RT.
  2. Shared Services confirms the most appropriate payment type (honorarium, non-PO invoicing, etc.).
  3. Shared Services contacts payee for tax identification, address, etc., as appropriate.  Please note: Tax identification numbers should never be submitted through email or RT.  Shared Services collects these through phone or fax.  
  4. Once all information has been collected, Shared Services submits payment through Ariba, includes the Ariba reference number in the "Reference" field of the RT ticket, then closes/resolves the ticket in RT.  Payment approvals are tracked through Ariba

Please complete travel arrangement or reimbursement request form for travel associated with this payment.

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