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Department and Budget
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Transaction Information
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Procedure Overview

  1. Intake form is completed by unit administrative staff.  Submitter receives confirmation email, including FMRT ("RT") ticket number.  All further correspondence regarding the request occurs through RT.
  2. Shared Services confirms that BPO is the most appropriate payment method.
  3. If a contract has not yet been finalized and signed by Procurement Services, CASSS forwards information to pcshelp and/or particular buyer.  It is the department's responsibility to work with Procurement Services to finalize the contract.  CASSS will not begin the BPO processing until a contract has been finalized and signed.
  4. Shared Services confirms that vendor is registered in Ariba.  If not, CASSS forwards registration links to vendor.  
  5. Once vendor is registered (UW, payment, and Ariba network registrations) and all information is on hand, Shared Services completes the BPO set-up.
  6. Vendor submits invoices through the BPO/Ariba.  For payment procedures, see "Receiving an Invoice."
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