The College of Arts and Sciences Shared Services center currently supports 21 Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences units in payroll, purchasing and other related transactions.  CAS Shared Services affords administrators greater flexibility in addressing their units’ instructional, research and outreach missions by relieving workload in University-level processes. See the links below for specific forms and procedures.

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Travel Arrangement (Flight/Hotel)

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New Employee or Rehire (OPUS)

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SDB Entry

LTR (link)

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H-1B Request Form or

J-1 Scholar Request Form or

1025-J VISIT Visa Request Form


Additional Resources


 Payments Flowchart (PDF) 

 Scanning Policy (DOCX)

 Sample Invitation Letters to Guest Speakers

 Records Retention Schedule

 LTR Instructions (Overtime Eligible) (DOCX)

 LTR Instructions (Overtime Exempt) (DOCX)

 Shared Services Email Alert Archive

 All Shared Services Procedures